Natural Renewed Cream


  1. Natural Renewed Cream cream is blended with special formula and made of best material, can strengthen the fibrous cell of skin and transfer the ingredients to the active matter.
  2. It also restrains efficiently melanin from growing, peels off the old layers of skin and enhances the performance of the skin cell. 
  3. A luxurious cream formulate with critical nutrients that promote cell elasticity, reduce tire skin, and lighten fine lines.
  4. A constant use, skin becomes smooth and soft, and is revived to its natural beauty.  
  5. This cream DOSE NOT compose of chloride. Can be used freely. 
  6. Apply Twice daily after cleansing your face. Can use as foundation during daytime with makeup. keep with this process, it refreshes your skin and all freckles will vanish. 
  • Main Ingredients:  Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Lemon, Caomoile Oil, Rosemary Oil, Rose. 
  • OEM, ODM available.